Author Topic: AML BitCoin (ABTC) is An Anti-Theft Coin  (Read 1068 times)


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AML BitCoin (ABTC) is An Anti-Theft Coin
« on: May 13, 2018, 10:55:29 am »

Did you know AML BitCoin (ABTC) is an anti-theft coin?

Other digital currencies are subject to hacking and theft. You could lose all your money in an instant, because they are not secure. AML BitCoin has anti-theft properties that prevent the thieves from stealing this coin. To possess the AML BitCoin, one must be approved. Even if, somehow, the coins were stolen, since the AML BitCoins can reside only in an AML BitCoin wallet, criminally captured coins can be restored to their rightful owner.

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