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The Price Speculation Thread
« on: April 20, 2018, 01:33:09 am »
Every Forum relating to some form of economic asset/crypto currency needs a price speculation thread.

Whilst these threads tend to be lively, engaging, fun and heavily trolled, they do serve a valid purpose in keeping the vital details in some of the other threads, eg how to use you Wallet etc clean from random comment and speculation that obfuscates the key facts.

Letís use this thread as place for all the distracting and entertaining stuff!


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Re: The Price Speculation Thread
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 02:11:26 am »
Kept my first post on this thread free of speculation, as I was saving it for this one.

So what do I think AML Bitcoin will trade at?

Well price is driven by several factors:

- buyer awareness (demand)
- exchange availability (having a useable market)
- scarcity

On awareness, forums like this, Twitter, Telegram and Press all help.
I think we still have a long way to go here, but I expect we will start hear news around the need for KYC and AML, especially in the US Market that will make the case.

On exchange availability, we are of course still waiting and whilst HitBTC is a start, we need more exchanges and ultimately someone like Binance. Another key point for me is links with professional finance, and so we need exchanges that can serve key markets like New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt etc

Finally on scarcity, there are several coins with similarly scarcity to AML BTC and these trade from $3 to $1000 typically, though Bitcoin itself bucks the trend and is roughly twice the price of other coins based on its relatively scarcity.

So in summary, I reckon on todayís valuations (with the market having recovered to a degree), that we can draw a chart from $1.50 upto $1000, and as we progress in terms of awareness and exchange availability we will move up that line. The line may change as the general market level changes, but I reckon if we started trading today with a steady market based on 1 exchange and PR to date, we could see $3 initially.Iíll temper this by saying most ICOs do see a sell off initially as some of those who bought either look to exit for their own reasons, or to maximise profits/minimises loses.

So I expect for the first few weeks we may trade between $1.50 and $3, with the market as it is now.
After that, and it may take a few months I would suggest $6-10 if we get some further Good press and start to show a pipeline of other exchanges.

From there, and this may take 2-3 years, if we can add the big exchanges,  then I can see us replacing Bitcoin Cash in terms of market cap, which would need a $250 AML Bitcoin.

From there the fight is much tougher. I actually think by then that BTC will have been knocked of the top slot by Ripple, but even so we will be vying with multi- trillion market cap coins. So by then a $1000 AML Bitcoin will be possible and perhaps even a $4000 coin.

My advice to everyone is to be patient. Avoid the temptation to cash in, and instead either use AML Bitcoin for commerce (putting it to real use) or hold on for the ride. I learnt the hard way with the original Bitcoin which I acquired for $3 several years back, only to sell at about $100 per coin. Iíve not made this mistake with other currencies in my holding and I definitely wonít make the mistake with AML BTC.

So in summary:

6 months $1.50  - $3 range
12 month $6 - $10 range
2-3 years $40 - $100 range
5 years $1000 -  $4000 range

Letís see how good the prediction is! Fingers crossed!


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