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« on: April 19, 2018, 08:29:06 pm »
My understanding from people I know who have been involved with other ICO's is that there are basically 3 phases in mining crypto currency.  The first is when the mining can be done easily on the a regular computer cpu.  Because of the code, the company actually has to mine the 60 million some odd coin that it sold tokens for and usually, the cpu phase is reserved for that purpose.  The actual public mining begins after that part is completed.  Because as the block chain become longer as it is mined, cpu's are quickly upstaged by GPU miners which are faster and generally more efficient.  So, as the company has promised, the mining will most likely be available when the coins are exchanged for tokens and I am told I should expect to need a (or several) good GPU miner(s) to start out with.


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