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Reminders For AML Token Holders
« on: April 02, 2018, 11:29:56 pm »
Important Reminders for AML Token Holders:
1. Please back up your AML Wallet. It is the responsibility of Token Holders to back up their own wallets. If you back up your wallet, you can restore it onto another device if needed. Instructions for this can be found here:

2. Please upgrade your AML Wallet to Version 1.3.0, if you haven't already. This is a mandatory wallet upgrade. Instructions for this are here:

3. If you have not added your AML Wallet Address to your Token Sale account, please do this immediately.

Quick Instructions to add your AML Wallet Address to your Token Sale account:
Please visit to download an AML Wallet. Once the AML Wallet has been installed, please follow the below instructions to get your AML Wallet Address.

In your AML Wallet, please click 'File' then 'Receiving Addresses'. Then click 'New' and Create a Label (Which can be anything that you'd like, including your name, etc.). Once you Create a Label and Click 'Ok', you will then see the AML Wallet Address (which will be a long series of characters including letters and numbers).

Once you have your AML Wallet Address, please copy this and paste it in your AML Token Sale account ( in your 'Profile' page, in the 'AML Token Wallet' field.

If you need technical assistance, please email [email protected]



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