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Exchange & Trading Discussions / Coinegg
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:54:46 pm »
I have noticed ABTC being traded on COINEGG with quite the volume? I'm surprised no PR from AML

Congratulations on the new Platform Exrates! Keep on growing.

Itís listed Abtc/btc so it doesnít list it in USD. Although at the top of the pairing it breaks it down to USD. If you open an account on IDAX and deposit some Bitcoin you can buy ABTC. I know it might be confusing but when you start actually buying it begins to make sense. Good luck AML is the wave of the fire ihmo.

I'm wondering where all the tokens have come from that are being exchanged at the bid. It is unusual. Over 100k traded many below initial public offering. If I'm incorrect I would certainly appreciate an correction. I am a huge supporter of AML/KYC and believe long term AML can be the standard. I'm just confused at this opening and how it took place and was created. Press releases were informing us HitBTC was to be the first exchanged. Now, I did learn through chat, that ALM was looking into other exchanges, but no detailed confirmation was provided. IMHO, AML has made a couple of unforced errors and would suggest in the future they keep the unforced errors at a minimum.

Guys, the technology isn't ready yet. The IDAX exchange is for tokens currently. There was an email that explained we were still a couple of months away from the technology being ready and that email was about 2-3 weeks ago. Everyone must understand you are on the Ground, Ground floor of amazing technology and the early adaptors will be rewarded handsomely, provided the patent is approved. AMLBitcoin will completely change the Crypto market and currency as we know it. BUT! early adaptors will have to be patient. Sorry everyone. But it will be worth it! imho

Patents & Trademarks / Re: AML BitCoin Patent Documents
« on: April 29, 2018, 08:12:49 pm »
At the end of the day all digital currencies will have they AML Logo on every coin. The patten will be engine that will make this coin the standard In making all coins compliant. Governments will require compliance and that is the genius of the AML coin.

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