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The IDAX exchange maybe ready for the tokens, great!  But the real issue hear is transparency from the NAC. All the news about an imminent HitBTC listing, and then notification that the token is now listed on IDAX came out of the blue. With the lack of transparency, the sudden change has lead me to believe the current listing may have been a rash dicision by the NAC.

Transparency is more important than the technical aspects behind the rational of a listing change. It shows us, the investors that there is good methodical approach in the way NAC conducts its business goals & aspirations. If this coin is going to be a success they really need to get there house in order first. That said, I note Marcus has opened up a Q&A that will help investor confidence is a positive move.

If the NAC can get there 'mojo' correct, AML Bitcoin will be huge for sure!

AML BitCoin Discussion / Re: New Members Welcome page.
« on: May 01, 2018, 04:01:53 am »
At a calculated guess. I suspect the NAC are waiting on news regarding there patents pending before listing. If approved, and that's the question? AML Bitcoin coin could turn out to be a very nice earner for all concerned.

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