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Title: How Do I Sell on Exrates?
Post by: amladmin on May 24, 2018, 02:41:30 pm
Here are instructions on how to sell your AML BitCoin Tokens to the Exrates exchange.
*Please note that you first need to register if you do not have an account.  To do this please visit the website and click on register for an account here.

-Fill out all the information and enter your email address. An email will be sent to your email address. Open your email and check for a verification/ code email and follow the instructions.

-If you already have an account, then enter your credentials and sign in.

-To sell, open the sale order, choose the desired currency pair.

-After choosing a currency pair, we proceed to the creation of a sale order. On the main page, select the ‘SELL’ column, and create an order. Enter the amount of the currency you are selling. The amount cannot exceed the amount of the free funds at the time of the creation of the order. At once you can see the percentage of the creation of the order. After you have filled out all the necessary lines, click on the ‘SELL’ button. The number of EDR is the number of coins you want to sell. The price for EDR is the price in BTC (Bitcoin) per 1 EDR (tokens you want to sell). Total is the price in BTC for the total amount of EDR (tokens/coins) you want to sell. Commission is a fee per transaction in BTC total with the commission.

-Sale order will be displayed in the common list in the left column. You can track your orders in the main upper menu, by clicking on the ‘Orders’ button.
Title: Re: How Do I Sell on Exrates?
Post by: amladmin on June 15, 2018, 02:29:51 pm
Click Here to View the Instructional Video on How to Sell AML BitCoin (ABTC) on Exrates